Are you a person?

Are you a person?


For the purposes of this Act —

Her Majesty means, when not repugnant to the context, Her Majesty, her heirs and successors.

Governor in Council means the Governor acting with the advice of the Executive Council.

Treasurer means the Treasurer of the Colony for the time being.

Person includes a corporation or association of persons.

The Mirriam Webster version, now buries the corporate entity on line 6:
“6 : one (such as a human being, a partnership, or a corporation) that is recognized by law as the subject of rights and duties

Legal Definition of legal person
: a body of persons or an entity (as a corporation) considered as having many of the rights and responsibilities of a natural person and especially the capacity to sue and be sued”

Legal Definition of natural person
: a human being as distinguished from a person (as a corporation) created by operation of law