Off-grid DIY

October of 2017 I bought a few acres in a rural setting, somewhere in Australia.
I then purchased a kit shed, helped to erect it, and set about a plan to DIY an off-grid retreat.

I designed the floor to cut the height in half, using C purlin steel structure, topped with tongue and groove MDF timber, and then tiles laid with “flexible” adhesive and grout.

I ordered a set of steel stringers (?) that hold the treads on a set of stairs. I ordered the treads from a local timber mill, $7/tread. I used a block and tackle to lift anything I couldn’t manage by hand and worked away with using the power from my van, which had an auxilary battery, inverter and 120W solar panels on it’s roof. That was the sole power source until I got the solar power system installed in July 2018.